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Great Tank-off 2019: Could Redskins join Dolphins in race to the bottom?

Redskins to join the great tank-off

The Redskins are 0-5 and, after sacking Jay Gruden, they could be set for a great tank-off with the Dolphins, who they face in week six.

The Miami Dolphins (0-4) were favorites to finish the season with the worst record, but they’re currently tied with the Cincinnati Bengals (0-5), New York Jets (0-4) and Washington Redskins (0-5).

The prize for the worst record in the league is the number one draft pick the following year. In 2020 that is expected to be Alabama’s record-breaking quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Although not officially ‘tanking for Tua’ the Dolphins have traded away some of their best players in exchange for draft capital. In effect they are setting aside success this year in the hope of greater success in future years. Tanking for Tua would fit that plan.

Change of plan?

But the Dolphins may now have competition in the tank-off from the Redskins. Washington sacked Jay Gruden after the Week five loss to the Patriots, appointing offensive line coach Bill Callahan as interim head coach.

The Redskins were not looking to tank for draft capital, but now that could be an option. The team is in disarray right now. They’ve been beaten by increasing margins of 5, 10, 16, 21 and 26 points.

Their starting left tackle hasn’t started a game and is holding out for a trade. They also have trouble at quarterback. Alex Smith is out for the year after his gruesome injury and three others (Case Keenum, Dwayne Haskins and Colt McCoy) have been unable to lift the team.

The great tank-off

The Jets and Bengals also have losing records but they have been hit with several key injuries. They may still try to turn around their seasons under their new head coaches. But, having sacked Gruden, the Redskins could be set to join the tank-off – whether they want to or not.

It’s a crucial game this week when the Redskins travel to Miami. The winner gets nothing. The loser would become favorite for the great tank-off 2019.

Washington are currently favored by 3.5 points to win on Sunday.

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